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Duration: Day Trek 09 Kms

Region: Dhauladhar Best Season: April to November

Triund :
11 KM from McLeodganj, Triund lies at the feet of the perpetually snow clad Dhauladhar mountain range, at an altitude of 2975 mtrs. It is a popular picnic and trekking spot. The trek starts from Mcleodganj and goes through mixed forest of oak, rhododendron and deodar. Triund is a view point situated on a flat meadow. From Triund we can see the Dhauladhar range very close on one side and the whole Kangra valley on the other. It takes around 6 walking hours both ways. Back Mc Leodganj in the late afternoon.



Mcleodganj-Guna Devi-Mcleodganj

Duration: Day Trek 15 Kms

Region: Dhauladhar Best Season: April to November

Guna Devi Temple :
Trek start is recommended if you want to see the beautiful Himalayan birds. Leveled walk passing through Tibetan children village and Naddi village takes us to Bahl village. From Bahl village it is steep ascent for about an hour to Guna Devi, a small Hindu temple situated in the middle of the forest. People from the neighbouring villages go for pilgrimage to this temple. We have beautiful views of Dhauladhars from the temple. On the way back we can go swimming in the river near Bahl village. Back to McLeodganj in the late afternoon.




Duration: Day Trek 10 Kms

Region: Dhauladhar Best Season: April to November

Easy hike covering a small waterfall near Bhagsu village and walk through Dharamkot , Galu and Naddi village. Walking from Galu to Naddi village we have beautiful views of the Dhauladhar Ranges and the distant villages on the foothills of Dhauladhar. Naddi village offers the most spectacular view of the peaks and passes of Dhauladhars. Back to McLeod Ganj by late afternoon.



Manali-Jogni Fall Trek

Duration: Day Trek 05 Kms

Region: Kullu - Manali Best Season: February to December

The road leads out of Manali town and after crossing the main bridge over the Beas River. We walk towards the Vashisht Hot spring then through the ancient village we can visit the temples of Rishi Vashisht, Lord Rama. And Lord Shiva. Then follow the path to Jogni Fall. It takes about one hour to reach magnificent Jogni Fall. Enjoy the refreshing dip under the holy fall, have your packed lunch and return the same way to Vashisht then to Manali.



Manali-Lama Dug

Duration: Day Trek 06 Kms

Region: Kullu - Manali Best Season: March to November

Leaving the metalled road from the Dhungri village we emerged on to a path that leads steadily up hill through the dence forest. After pleasant 4 hrs. Walk through the forest of Oak, Fir and deodar, we reach the beautiful meadows of Lama Dugh.which is also a popular grazing ground of for the local shepherds. From here you get stunning views of the Indrasan,deo Tibba,Hanuman Tiba and other famous peaks around the Manali region. We return by the evening after having enjoyed one of the most beautiful trails in upper Beas valley.



Manali-Solang Valley-Patalsu Base Camp


Region: Solang Best Season: April to November

This leisurely trek starts from the Old Manali village and ends at the picturesque Solang Valley. We pass the villages of Shanag, Goshal and Burua high above the River Beas before reaching the green hill slopes and meadows of Solang Nullah. Solang Nullah offers you enchanting views of some of the more popular snow clad mountain peaks among mountaineers. The closest peak here is the Patalsu base camp towering above the ancient Solang village. We begin our 2 and half hour trek up to the peak 3963 m from where you get panoramic views of Hanuman Tibba and the Seven Sister peaks. We return by early evening to Solang Valley take surface transportation to Manali (Bus / Jeep).



Manali-Kullu-Bijli Mahadev-Manali


Region: Kullu - Manali Best Season: April to November

Bijli Mahadev :
Travel by a car from Manali to Kinja. Start the trek from there. It is a 4 kms moderate trek from here upto Bijli Mahadev. Return back to the same way to Manali. The temple is situated at an altitude of 2,438 m i.e. 8000 feet. It is almost 10 km from Kullu across the Beas River. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that the lightening attracts the divine blessings of God.The most striking feature that is unique to this temple is the 60-foot high staff on top of the temple. There is a famous story behind the temple. It says that every year there is a frightful lightening, because of which the Shivalinga in the temple gets reduced to pieces. This happens because when the lightening strikes the earth, it is believed that the Lord Shiva absorbs all the energy discharged from the atmosphere and saves the world. Due to this act the linga turns into pieces and the temple priests in secrecy restore it. The idol is coalesced with the help of butter and satto. This the cycle goes on every year and hence the name, Bijli Mahadev Temple.



Manali-Marhi-Dashor Lake-Manali


Region: Manali Best Season: April to November

Dashor Lake:
Travel by car from Manali to Rohtang Pass. Short treks from Rohtag pass to lake. Return back to the same way in the evening. Lake formation consists of an integral part of the Himachal landscape. Some are millions of years old formed due to the Tectonic movements, others are relatively new. These perennial lakes are also different in character. If one lake is frozen throughout the year, others still are hot geysers where temperature reaches to 50 degree centigrade. Dashor Lake situated at a high altitude, is one of the most beautiful lakes that can be found in the Himachali region. Located near Rohtang pass (which connects Kulu district with Lahaul) this lake is a veritable treasure trove for nature lover. Crystal clear cobalt water makes you see right through the lake. The scenery at the backdrop is equally majestic. Rugged mountain cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and small Himachali settlement nestled amidst the valleys provides a stark contrast with the din and bustle of Manali.



Menu for the Packed Lunch

  • Sandwich.
  • Stuffed Parantha.
  • Fruity/Juice,
  • Fruits (Banana, Orange or Apple).
  • Mineral Water.
  • Chocolate.
  • Biscuit.
  • Boiled Egg.
  • Fruit Cake.
  • Toffee’s etc.